1. Pre-Litigation

To save time and litigation expenses we use these pre-litigation options to resolve the disputes.  

  1. Conciliation/Mediation: When case comes into default, rather approach judicial authority, we can use this as an alternative to resolving disputes.  


  • Appoint Conciliator and place of conciliation and date of the conciliation
  • Send notice to the customer to come and meet the conciliator to resolve the disputes
  • Mediator will be acting as a middle man to resolve the dispute arise between the bank and the customer
  • After discussion, if both the parties agreed for compromise, the conciliator will record the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) duly signed by both the parties followed by the conciliator. 

Stage: Use this process in NPA cases, however considering the dispute we can use this tool at any of the stages. 

Communication Mode: By post or Hand delivery

Outcome: We can save the cost and resolve the dispute in a very short time and also, we can bridge the relationship with customers

Further action: No action can be taken with this MoU, however, this can be used as evidence at the time of further litigation to prove the dispute or claim amount.  


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