Execution of Award

Execution on Lok Adalat Award

After obtain Lok Adalat Award, if customer (Judgement Debtor or JDR) fail to pay the agreed settlement amount mentioned in Award, the finance company (Decree Holder or DHR) is having rights to file an Execution petition before Hon’ble District judge against Customer to attach his/her Immovable/ Movable property or Salary attachment at any point of time within 12 years from the date of Award. 

Stage: The DHR (Decree Holder) can file an Execution petition when a customer fails/ignores/rejects to pay the award amount within the schedule mentioned in the Award. 

Communication Mode: Court may send Notice to Customer (JDR) By post or may not. 


  • DHR can attach customer’s immovable or movable property with proper inventory and safety measures.
  • During this stage DHR can take police help to avoid nuisance.   
  • Customer may clear the dues at the time of execution. 
  • Customer may allow to attach his property.
  • With court direction partial Salary deduction may happen to customer  
  • If a customer refuses to cooperate with all above actions, a court order can go for Civil arrest.
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